Animal Shelter Donation

Thank you for supporting the Lancaster County Animal Shelter

The shelter gets a small budget from the county, but it's often not enough for the many animals who need care. We ask for support from the community to help us obtain the funds we need to make sure all of the animals have what they need, not only to be safe but to thrive in an environment that is not always a fun place to be. Financial donations help provide emergency medical care for critical animals, spay/neuter, vaccines, heartworm treatment, transport to partner rescues, food, treats, toys, and more for shelter animals. Our goal is to give them a safe place to stay and ultimately give them a better chance at a happy, healthy life in a loving adoptive home.

Recurring donations, even in small amounts, help tremendously as these are funds we can count on and helps to take some of the pressure off of our never-ending need for funds to help as many animals as possible.

Lancaster SPCA is a 501(c)(3) (EIN 46-3374265) nonprofit rescue group. We assist the shelter by pulling animals and providing foster care to make room for more animals, arranging rescue and transport to northern rescues, providing medical care for critical-need animals, helping photograph and network the animals on social media, and providing medicines and tools for the surgical suite to facilitate spay & neuter surgeries, and more.